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    does fusion support orange pi pc?

    Did you manage to install fusion with armbian on your orangepi pc? or just with the debian 8 img on the orangepi site?.
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    Is it possible to terminate DID at different company

    Hello every one, Im kind of wander if it is possible to have DID and inbound routes to my Fusion from one provider and to have outbound routes but still to callout with the DID number of the inbound routes. let say i have DID number from Sonetel with is my inbound route provider, and i want to...
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    Click to call

    Do you know about an apps that can read an ios contact and make click to call out of them?
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    usb 3g gsm dongle for sms/voice

    I don't know how to do so with this device sorry
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    usb 3g gsm dongle for sms/voice

    I have a bit of experience with that dongle, You can receive and send SMS from within the web gui of this dongle, but I'm not sure the you will be able to make it work with fusion in any easy way of api or so, this dongle do have a cli capability but it's in att commands ( if I remember right)...
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    Anyone using Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking?

    can you please explain how did you manage to fix every thing?
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    Call recording

    When creating extantion you should see record label. Set the method of how to record your calls. See attached image
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    Problem with 1 extension...

    where do you live and what was your previous isp?. Is you fusionPBX hosted in the "cloud" of some brand, if so which one?.
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    SIP Provider - Best in Europe?

    I sent you on pm few brands I think they may provide you.
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    SIP Provider - Best in Europe?

    I really don't know it's something you should ask them. They have good support.
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    SIP Provider - Best in Europe?

    I've looked for you and it seems like that they do provide did number in Germany in few cities. Take a look in their site.
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    How To's

    How To's forum although there is a documentation but it written for basic information, like a declaration of variables. there is nothing better from people experience and know how knowledge.
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    SIP Provider - Best in Europe?

    I know 4 month been passed but it worth it. You can use, base in Sweden probably the best in price world wide, i mange to sip trunk them but i don't have DID number yet in my account. they are super documented and have answer to 90% of the questions. good luck, i would like to...