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  1. dayeehook

    FusionPBX Web Portal Security

    The README says f2b is still there
  2. dayeehook

    SOLVED newly fusionPBX installed is now working?

    Honestly, the easiest thing I’ve done when that happened to me is to just start back from scratch. Not sure what cloud provider you are with but if they have the quick reset option and then just run the install script again, it is way faster than trying to figure out where the issue lies.
  3. dayeehook

    Time Conditions to Ring Group Treatments

    Hi everyone. I considered posting this in the Time Conditions room but it kind of falls under multiple apps in FusionPBX. Picture this if you will: We have 3 receptionists. They currently answer calls for 10 different companies with more on the way. Afterhours and holidays calls go to a...
  4. dayeehook

    SOLVED: SNOM URL for provisioning

    Hey @krooney Thanks for the follow up. Funny enough, maybe a few hours before you replied, I realized my mistake - I am using SRAPs to use it to point to the FusionPBX provisioning server and I was placing the credentials in the wrong fields in SRAPs. When I caught my mistake, I felt like an...
  5. dayeehook

    SOLVED: SNOM URL for provisioning

    Hi all Long time lurker first time poster. Similar to this thread, can’t get a D765 to pull the config from the PBX. I can access the URL with the MAC address by entering in the username and...