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    Number not extension

    For example I have three extension 100 200 300 100 as a number 0247000000 200 as a number 0247000001 300 to as number 0247200002 And I wish when I call that their number be displayed, I do not want the number of trunk sip
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    Number not extension

    Hello Following the installation of fusionpbx within our company I need some help We have a trunk sip of functional, we can make calls outside When we call we have the number of trunk Sip displayed but we wish to have the number assigned to the line The inbound and outbound rules are functional...
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    set logo to login.php

    Hello to all I want to change the fusion pbx logo I try changing the image but this does not work Do you have a solution
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    BLF for Huawei Ip Phone

    Hello Thank you for welcoming us I want to activate the function blf on the fusion PBX for Ip phone huawei Waiting for your return
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    SSL new certificate , no Lets' encrypt

    Hello I have a mergePBX in the WAN and I want to set up new certificate provided by the company where I work The only problem that I am modifying the FusionPBX in / etc / nginx / sites-available I modify the lines 443 and it returns me an error not related to the key PEM nevertheless I...