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    Looking for advice on a combination rollover and simul ring setup?

    I have a client that is set up with a rollover ring group. That part is all working well, but now he wants to also have a ringer for call alerts when he is out on there manufacturing floor. He has an analog ringer and i am planning to use an ata to connect it to the phone system but don't know...
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    BT Sip Trunk

    I've never used them, but i would assume it's similar to any other wholesale voip carrier. Use ip auth and set up a gateway for outbound, i would hope there are docs on it. Then point inbound to the destinations and you should be good to go. I wonder what there pricing is?
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    grandstream call park with multiple accounts?

    I've got an interesting one that i was wondering if someone has suggestions on. The phone is a grandstream grp2615 I have multiple accounts configured on it, primarily for shared voicemail with other phones. I also have call parking configured but on this grandstream there is no option to use...
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    skyetel tenant portal

    Yes, I did this. What i did was route all inbound calls to the fusionpbx endpoint and separate the numbers by tenant in skyetel. For outbound you need to configure the following on your outbound route. set sip_h_X-Tenant=${domain_name} And then when creating the tenant on the skyetel portal...
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    Grandstream provisioning MPKs stop working

    Hi. You need to set your category to memory, not line for each key. I think that should fix the keys issue.
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    VM to email stuck in queue "waiting"

    Did you configure the email queue? I had to do this after an upgrade for emails to start sending again.
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    how to export a complete domain

    I've had to go through this a few times now, and i always end up manually migrating the domain. I believe there is a domain backup tool but you have to be a paying fusionpbx member to get it and i'm not one so haven't been able to take advantage of this.
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    provisioning template for the yealink w70b base?

    Thanks for this, I guess i'm to out of date to have gotten that. I made a copy of the w60b template and used that for provisioning. So far it works without modifying anything. I did find a copy of yealink's official provisioning template and looked at that a bit, it only has the...
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    provisioning template for the yealink w70b base?

    Hello. Has anyone deplloyed the yealink w70b dect base yet? If so, which provisioning template did you use? I was thinking of trying the one for the w60b to see if it would work. Any potential issues in doing this?
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    Inbound route not working?

    Hello. If you're routing calls from your carrier to the internal profile you need to add the ip addresses of the carrier to your domains acl. go to advanced>ACLS to do this. The carrier should have documentation on what there IP addresses are that calls are sent from.
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    Softphone & Fusion

    I use microsip on a daily basis. I also used zoiper at one point but have now switched to lynfone instead. Screenshots of the config might give us a hint. Also, on fusion, if you go to status>registrations, does the softphone show it's registered? If not calls won't work.
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    No RTP - GS Wave

    I doubt that's the issue, I think it would either work or not work regardless of if you're on wifi or 4g if the external addresses were the issue. Is it possible your carrier is blocking sip traffic? I routinely use my fusion server with 4g data. I use the linphone app.
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    No RTP - GS Wave

    This makes me think of nat issues. Have you tried this on a wifi network other than yours? Is the pbx local to your network? or somewhere in the cloud? Thanks.
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    Change Default Voicemail

    You only need skip_instructions, not skip_greeting in your dial plan. Mine looks like this.
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    Feature codes to call block numbers (freepbx)

    In destinations>dial plan there is a disabled call block function. I've not played with it, but it seems to me that with some customization that might do what you want.
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    What's the current state of sms?

    I asked this same question on irc, and unfortunately the new sms app is currently only available to blue members. There is no way i can afford a $300/month subscription for just sms so sadly i'll have to figure something else out. Needless to say this saddens me that fusion is headed in this...
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    What's the current state of sms?

    Hello. I was going to attempt to set up sms on fusionpbx but can't find any current info on how it's done. There used to be a messages app but it's not in the menu anymore. There is an sms app on github that some people have working but i thought that one is older and won't be supported going...
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    Debian install issues

    Curious, Were the upgrade issues ever fixed? or are there still things to watch for if upgrading from debian 10 to 11?
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    using a copy of streamfile.lua to play recordings for one domain, is it possible?

    Hello. I have a client that wants to set up an automated system to play back recordings of various files. This is relatively straightforward using ivrs to direct callers to the correct recording. However, the client is wondering if it's possible to change the default recording control options...
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    extra port param on the gxp2160 template?

    Thanks for the screenshot, My device edit page didn't have the port param anymore for some reason. Updating fixed that issue.