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    Question from a customer

    Hi Anybody think this is possible to do
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    Question from a customer

    Hi we have a customer that is asking for the following and was wondering if it is something that we can do on fusionpbx. SMS Messaging Integration: Does our current IVR setup have modules enabled that can send an SMS message to the caller with instructions, including a predefined URL link, when...
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    FusionPBX 5.2 Messages Application Inbound messages

    How well does the sms app work
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    CID Lookup from Contacts

    you can install dialplan tools and create a cid lookup dialplan Application = lua data = cidlookup.lua ${uuid} ${domain_uuid} Domain = Global Enables = True Then you can add in destinations in first position
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    SOLVED: SNOM URL for provisioning

    did you put username and password in the http client section
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    GRP2600 memory buttons 1 to 7

    Hi everyone Is there anybody else that memory buttons 1 to 7 dont provision on the grp2616, 8 and up are fine. I cant pinpoint the issue what should i be looking at I download the config file and those buttons dont even populate in there either
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    Groundwire Voicemail notification

    You did set *97 for VM
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    Groundwire Voicemail notification

    I use groundwire and this works the same as you described for freepbx
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    Hi @dcitelecom, These are not in there by default this is where you set them if needed
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    SOLVED no audio after park

    Hi all, Weird issue here, customer receives a call parks it, then colleague picks up the call no audio both ways he then puts the call on hold and picks it back up and audio is back. Any help would be apreciated. Thanks ****update**** it was a bad switch
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    Snom Directory

    Thank you i will look into this further
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    Snom Directory

    Thanks for the update it does populate the contacts from the extension list but not from the contacts list that is my problem right now.
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    Snom Directory

    Hi, Has anyone been able to autoprovision phonebook for snom from contacts? Any help would be great/ thanks in advance
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    Setting up devices profile

    If you add a button in the device itself it will over ride the profile settings one
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    Paging Tone

    You can do this by modifying the page dialplan but as ad5ou said this is explained in the paid member documentation
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    dialing park or *97 not working on one single tenant

    Did you try deleting those dial plans and then go to upgrade and app defaults
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    Give user to specific domains

    i asked once upon a time and they told me it was a higher member feature i am a blue member
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    Give user to specific domains

    This is part of a member feature just reach out to the fusionpbx team