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    Outgoing fax via Fusion interface

    I'm trying to send out fax via GUI, getting following error. Is there a channel type "ringback" 2019-01-16 16:15:29.082684 [DEBUG] switch_ivr_originate.c:2142 Parsing global variables 2019-01-16 16:15:29.082684 [ERR] switch_core_session.c:512 Could not locate channel type ringback=%(2000...
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    Is there any LCR functionality in Fusionpbx ?
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    Recordings link in CDR

    I successfully am recording calla via both, settings in the extension and via dialplan entry (record_session). The recordings are successfully saved in correct location (/var/lib/... domain/recordings..) but they don't show as link in CDR. Any input is appreciated!
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    Insert new sip header/BLF monitor trunk, IVR etc

    What would be the simplest way to insert a new sip header of notify? I'm looking to set up a blf that will show when specific trunks/ Gateway or IVR are in use. I'm trying to accomplish this by inserting a notify sip header before sending over to Gateway or ivr similar to the way blf alerts for...
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    This might not be FS specific related but I did not have this issue when connecting to asterisk. I connect several SPA800 ATA's to Fusionpbx with dial plan to send pre determined digits immediately at off hook. When I pickup the phone, it goes busy. I do not see the invites reaching FS. Incoming...
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    eavsdrop lua

    I upgraded recently to new version 4.4 , now my eavesdrop lua (dp *33[ext]) hanging up immediately after authentication. here is the fscli output; 2018-06-27 10:47:22.492345 [DEBUG] switch_rtp.c:7534 RTP RECV DTMF #:800 2018-06-27 10:47:22.492345 [INFO] switch_channel.c:515 RECV DTMF #:800...
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    Codec Per Domain/Extension

    How can I set (force) specific codec per domain or extension/s instead of entire system ? Seems codecs are set across the entire profile. Do I need to set it in the dialplan ? Can someone please show me the syntex. I have some endpoints at low bandwidth locations and I would like to set the...
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    Set Codec

    How can I set codec G729 per domain or per endpoint ?
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    nginx 502 Bad Gateway

    I started getting nginx 502 Bad Gateway error recently. When I reboot it will work for few minutes and then error out again. Nothing shows in fs_cli besides that it happens when its reaching 50 - 60 registrations. Where can I look for logs etc ?
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    Copy entire system to new server

    Is there a way to copy entire system, all domains, extension, recordings,cdr,vm's etc.. to new server? Seems backup and restore doesn't do all. My server started giving me trouble with 504 errors and I'm looking for an easy way to move it to a more powerful server. By the way, Thank you DigiDaz...