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    SOLVED IVR without transfert prompt

    How to mark this as solved ?
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    SOLVED IVR without transfert prompt

    is please_hold enabled in the dialplan settings ?
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    SOLVED Call Parking- Fanvil X5s AND Yealink T29G- Blf Lights

    did you get the fanvil"s working or just the yealinks ? thanx.
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    no ringing on forwarded calls

    Kia Ora, I have a small FPBX server on a site, 4.5.9 1.10.1 (64bit) debian 9.11 I'm using 5060 and UDP for sip. The sip trunk is in a call flow that sends the call to an internal extension that is then forwarded to an answer service at night. When you ring the number externally sometimes it...
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    Cron job

    0 0 * * 6 systemctl restart freeswitch is doing the job nicely now.
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    Cron job

    OK thanks for the help. I Have changed the syntax and will wait to see if it works.
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    We transitioned to a cloud based Fusion PBX system from an onsite asterisk mypbx box. We share office space with a client and had an old Linksys SPA400, 4 port FXO gateway connected to a FXS port on their legacy PBX which allowed them to call us as an extn on their pbx and we could call their...
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    Cron job

    OK, thanks for the help, I changed the job to run on a saturday and did this: root@sip:~# crontab -e 0 0 * * 6 @weekly systemctl restart freeswitch no crontab for root - using an empty one crontab: installing new crontab when I go back into crontab -e I see the command there so will wait...
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    Cron job

    Greetings, I have a cloud FPBX server: Debian 9.9 4.5.8 1.8.4 (64bit) I would like a cron job to restart the freeswitch service once a week on sunday but am unsure of the correct syntax. 00**0 service freeswitch restart would this be OK ?
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    Inbound calls - Number is currently busy

    Is your number registered, your gateway working ? Wats yr inbound route set to ? Use a basic conference with no pin to test yr inbound calling
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    Attendant transfer and callerID update

    No. My internal sip profile also has the same 3 caller-id types all set to false. I have seen others with caller id issues that have been fixed by changing the caller_id_in_from setting, in the gateway > advanced, to true. You would then also need to stop and restart the gateway.
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    Attendant transfer and callerID update

    our yealink phones have caller id source "from" our fanvil phones have caller id header "pai-rpid-from" on transfer the external caller-id is carried through. do you have the caller id in from set to "true" in your advanced gateway settings ?
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    backup page no longer present in GUI 4.4.8

    I'm on 4.5.8 and also noticed that the backup UI is gone plus there is a new monitor in advanced/server. Do we need to run the backup and restore scripts available here - in the meantime ? thanks.
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    Yeastar Template

    Do you mean a yealink phone ?
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    Fail2ban Ignoreip=

    Andrew Byrd just as a matter of interest does the comma work ? ignoreip =,,,,
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    Going dedicated - Moving from VPS

    Vultr have dedicated hardware. Imho more ram cant hurt. I think ssd is the go. Expensive for storage but if you are going to dedicated hardware then allow to replace them at some point. Just my 0.02.
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    SLA - Not ringing both phones

    good stuff.
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    SLA - Not ringing both phones

    if you just call 1001 do both phones ring ?
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    SLA - Not ringing both phones

    have you enabled multiple registrations ? advanced/sip profiles/internal/ multiple-registrationscontact true
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    New FPBX installation

    OK thanks JamesBorne and Dan.