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    CentOS 7 : Cannot add any new music on hold category

    That worked for me! if your files are bigger(waves specially) try uploading mp3s or increase the file limit on php to like 100M. Also make sure you know what bit rate you upload them and chose the rate accordingly. I have seen fusion taking a load on cpu when trying to convert them on real time...
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    CentOS 7 : Cannot add any new music on hold category

    This may be a PHP issue. Try editing these values on your php.ini file. I will test and see if that works. post_max_size = 50M upload_max_filesize = 50M max_file_uploads = 10
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    CentOS 7 : Cannot add any new music on hold category

    I actually see this php error. php-fpm/php-fpm.sock:", host: "", referrer: "" 2019/06/13 19:29:33 [error] 3443#0: *99886 FastCGI sent in stderr: "PHP message: PHP Warning: POST Content-Length of 34288509 bytes exceeds the...
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    CentOS 7 : Cannot add any new music on hold category

    I am having the same issue and was wondering if anyone else may have an idea of what could be the issue. I checked nginx user and is freeswitch:daemon permissions on the folder are 755 on both files and directory. I am kinda stuck now. I add the files manually to the default directory and those...
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    Experimenting with a full load-sharing cluster

    phonesimon, I configured a similar setup using AWS. I used EFS for the shared storage and RDS for my DBs. It works pretty well. I still have to do some more testing. I have one issue right now though, when the cluster dialplan, transfers the call to the extension on another switch I lose caller...
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    Anyone for FusionPBX 4.4 with Freeswitch 1.8 on Stretch?

    Sorry to re-open the question but is there a possibility to add these changes for Centos as well? Or if you don't mind showing me the changes or commit so I can do some testing? Thanks! Danny
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    Dockerising FusionPBX

    I been working with AWS for a while now. I'm running a few switches myself. This sounds very plausible and big scale solution using AWS. Starting with the items you mentioned, I would run some of them in containers, but some in AWS managed services. Freeswitch, FusionPBX, and NGINX I would run...