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  1. ewdpb

    Using voicemail app via LUA

    Hi all, According to freeswitch documentation, there should be a voicemail application. However when I try something like: <action application="voicemail" data="default multitenant_domain 1021" /> or session:execute('lua','app.lua voicemail'); freeswitch complains that there is no such an...
  2. ewdpb

    SOLVED Where to find transcription log

    Hi all, I am testing voicemail transcription with IBM watson. I already followed all the steps in the instructions but while I do not get any error, warning or, in fact, any mention whatsoever on the subject, I do not get a transcription either. The email comes with a lines saying transcription...
  3. ewdpb

    SOLVED Check bridge transfer result

    Hi all, I am bridging some calls in my application. It all works well but I am strugling to find a way to properly deal with expected errors (e.g. non registered extensions, no answer, rejected, etc.) This is an extract of my code...
  4. ewdpb

    Disable logging for section of LUA script

    Hi all. I've got a LUA question: Is there a way to force no-logging for part of the script?. Basically, I do not want DTMF entries to be logged or shown to anyone running fs_cli. I tried: session:execute('log', '0') but it does not seem to do anything at all.I am writing an application that...
  5. ewdpb

    using LUAROCKS in FusionPBX box

    Hi all, I am trying to install LUA packet through luarocks but it complains about not finding lua.h: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
  6. ewdpb

    CURL authentication

    Hi all,I am trying to use mod_curl. According to the docs basic authentication is done like this: local auth_url = "http://username :" local response = api:execute("curl", auth_url) However, I do not want to send credentials in the URL. I am trying to use it...
  7. ewdpb

    Combining python and lua

    Hi all, I am trying to write a basic IVR. What it does is: 1. Fetch some data from database at call start 2. Interact with the caller 3. Fetch some data from remote Web Services 4. Interact with the caller again. I have been trying to implement 1 and 3 with lua and while it does work, some...
  8. ewdpb

    Grammar example for Freeswitch

    I already asked this question on the FreeSwitch forums but I have not gotten an answer. I am trying to understand how grammar works on FreeSwitch. Would anybody have a pointer to a resource explaining: - What the expected format is. - Where the grammar files go - An example! Thank you!
  9. ewdpb

    Need help properly understanding ACL

    Hi all, I was wondering if somebody could help me understand what is the logic of ACL in FusionPBX. By default FusionPBX creares a domain ACL and an IP ACL. In the domain ACL it automatically adds, in the Domain field, whatever you have set as domain_name in your config installation file (it...
  10. ewdpb

    PowerPBX sources. Are they trustworthy?

    Hi all, In my pursue for a stable version of FusionPBX, I came across this step by step: They use they own version of FusionPBX which they claim comes with some fixes...
  11. ewdpb

    502 Bad Gateway

    Hi all, We are running latest version of FusionPBX. It was all sunny until two hours ago. Al of the sudden we started getting 502 Bad Gateway when trying to access the Web GUI. Freespeech itself is running and taking calls. We checked PHP, and NGNIX services, they are both up. We restarted...
  12. ewdpb

    Support for UNIMRCP

    Hi all, We are testing a new integration with unimrcp. We have faced several challenges: 1. Our FusionPBX apparently was not installed with mod_unimrcp. FreeSwitch documentation explains how to do it: Add asr_tts/mod_unimrcp to modules.conf Build FreeSWITCH with 'make install' However. we...
  13. ewdpb

    Telephony / Speech recognition consultant

    Hi all, I am a telephony / speech recognition consultant based out of Canada. I have always worked with traditional telephony vendors: Avaya, Genesys, Cisco, Asterisk I am working on a new business offer with a partner and decided to use FusionPBX. It has been a fun ride. We are still a bit...