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  1. evinh

    Click-to-Call not waiting for first leg to answer

    Another question on the CTC app: I've noticed that the CTC doesn't wait for the source number to answer before placing the call to the destination number... it calls both simultaneously. Has anyone else encountered this? If so, what was your method for solving? Thanks in advance!
  2. evinh

    CDRs for Click-to-Call using curl

    Installed mod_json_cdr and am logging to a remote system. They all show up there, which is fine, since that application will be leveraging the CDRs and also pulling call recordings (which also are working on freeswitch but don't show up in fusion, even though i can pull them by pasting the uuid...
  3. evinh

    CDRs for Click-to-Call using curl

    Yes, it's assigned. Since doing a curl get with the same form variables as the actual webform itself, you'd expect the behavior to be exactly the same. It should either work for both methods or not work for either. . I wish there was an actual API for the system. Or is there a commercial API...
  4. evinh

    CDRs for Click-to-Call using curl

    CDRs show up in the "Call Detail Records" UI if a click to call is performed through the Click to Call app UI, but not when initiated by the curl command, even though using the same username as logged in user. The click to call works in both scenarios... Any ideas on where to look to see why...