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    Blacklist databases / services

    I have found the following : Tellows Hiya. We need to interrogate a caller ID and reject / divert any 'dodgy guys'. We allow the client to build his own but are looking to build a global spam list. Any resources out there ? Any pointers, links or experience appreciated.
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    Where do I get a list of variables.

    Hi guys, eg in a dial plan ${destination_number} I need domain name Is there a list ?
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    Script & support needed

    We have a mobile app that needs some notifications and scripting. We can read and write to the database ok. 1. When an extension makes a call send the dialling out ID / ext / time date. ( Firebase ?) we could get a database notification when the call finishes but the event is too late. 2. We...
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    IVR terminating at an extension instead of record.

    I have created one IVR (IVR350 ) and assigned it to ext 350. Created an inbound rule from the Dial plan. See attached settings. I can call ext 350 internally and I am using an inbound route to forward calls from a DID to the IVR. I can select 1 or 2 and the calls and they transfer...
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    Change audio port settings

    Hi, I have my fusionPBX running on our office server. We have changed the sip port to 10060 ( for security ) and our TalkTalk router does not allow port forwarding of 5060. So we port forward on the office router 10060 and can make calls between extensions outside of the domain but no sound...
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    FYI FusionPBX Database structure

    For anyone else looking at the database side of things here is the Table Structure. Hope it helps. The structure looks fairly straight forward. If you need any help PM me.
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    Exposing audio files to mobile app.

    I need to be able to play the messages within my app. I have got the paths from the database table v_call_recordings eg var/lib/freeswitch/recordings/ so if use So how do I expose...
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    Trying the cli to make calls.

    I am using the following ( from various searches ) originate sofia/internal/ &bridge(sofia/internal/ This should initiate a call from ext 1000 to ext 1053 but nothing happens. What am I missing here guys ?
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    Getting incoming and outgoing call notifications

    Posted in wrong category so re-posted here. I need a notification when a an inbound or outbound call is made along with the caller ID. I then need to pass this into our mobile app ( I'm looking at firebase at the moment but open to suggestions) I'm looking through the database and see the...
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    Syntax for ngrep to filter logon attempts.

    Hi guys, plodding along with all this Linux typing stuff... ( difficult being Dyslexic as well as old.... ). I have puttyed ( correct wording ? ) into the server as root. As an attempt to understand this I will attempt to connect from 2 mobiles one with a correct password and one incorrect to...
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    I seem to have 2 'lazy' extensions

    I have a Grandstream GXP1628 and HT108 ATA. I have our mobile software running on IOS & Android and also GSWave on IOS & Android. All can call each other put on hold etc etc. I have a DialPlan that checks for the caller ID and if it matches transfers the call direct to ext 1053. However after...
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    Syntax to test for a number of caller ID's

    I am in effect trying to create a WhiteList of calls that will go directly to an extension. In the DialPlan I have for 1 caller ID : condition caller_id_number xxxxxxx action transfer 1053 XML I know I can repeat and add another for each but how would I do : condition...
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    *732 not working.

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to do a voice recording for the IVR. I have gone to the Dial Manager and changed the pin. When I try and dial *732 from IPHandset or sip phone I don't get the voice prompt . I don't see any setting in the extension to allow / disallow recording ? Is there a setting for...
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    Connection to event socket failed.

    Started a new topic to clarify the issues. To trace the issue I have done a new instal of Debian & FusionPBX. Debian 4.19.0.-8 FusionPBX 4.5.13 Added a gateway provided by Adrian Fretwell Still get the same error. Connection to event socket failed.
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    Losing login details

    Hy guys, I have reset the password using the following I changed the username and password to new ones and logged them. I cannot login this morning. I have done this twice now but the above method adds another root domain ? is there another recovery method ?
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    Understanding the outgoing process to make calls.

    I have a connection to my sip provider as I am getting incoming calls on a DID. ( yipeeee). I'm struggling to understand the workflow to dial out to a UK mobile / landline number Under the Dial Plan There is Destination DialPlan Manager Outbound Rules Which do I have to do and in what order...
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    Adding Domains and connecting

    Hy guys, I have been able to connect locally with GSWave and IP phones with the following settings Phone User = 100 Pass = 100 SipServer = 'myextIPAddress' GSWave User = 100 Pass = 100 SipServer = 'myextIPAddress' When I add another domain eg 'toolfolks' what settings do I change to connect...
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    I need the following call routing.

    We have a mobile app ( Android & IOS ) that, amongst other things needs to be able to do the following: 1. Pulled down the the clients calls logs ( A domain ). 2. Update their call blacklist. 3. Update their whitelist. I was hoping the calls logs are stored somewhere in the database. So should...
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    Sip Trunk connections problem.

    Hi guys & girls. From a background of windows / mac database 'stuff' I've taken the plunge into Linux. Built a Debian 10 server box ( all went well ) then installed FusionPBX ( all went well after lots of typing of commands ). I can make internal calls on extensions and mobile sip phones...