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    Call center queue restart

    Hello Everyone Hope you all are well and safe. I am using fusion 4.4.4 with FS 10.1. When ever we restart the call center Queue it effects all other queue as well. Does it a default behaviour? Can we change it accordingly to domain wise / queue wise? Basically I don't want to effect other...
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    Virtual Directory listing in IP Phone

    Hello Everyone Hope you all are safe against the deadly virus corona. Here is one of my question regarding the integration of fusionpbx virtual directory in Grandstream IP Phone gxp21XX. Does fusionpbx support this or some custom development is needed? Basically feature like BroadWorks Xsi...
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    3 way calling

    Hello Everyone Is it possible to achieve following scenario in fusionpbx. Here what i am trying to achieve. Call comes on DID (Say A) which is routed to Extension (Say B) once it's answered by Extension it keeps that call on hold and make new outbound call (Say C) after that all three are...
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    3 way call conference

    Hello Everyone Happy New Year. I am using fusionpbx 4.2.4 need to implement a conference here is my flow Say for Example A calls DID -- EXT (B Receives the call and keep that on hold) -- EXT (Dial out any external number C) -- Create a 3 way conference call all works well if the EXT place the...
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    Recording path not changing

    Hello Everyone Today i notice one issue in FusionPBX4.4.7 / Switch1.8.4 (64bit) i updated the path of recordings_dir to some X location from /var/lib/freeswitch/recordings and did flush cache / rescan all profile etc. but it didn't changed still it's going to var/lib/freeswitch/recordings. Can...
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    Voicemail Transcription in version 4.4

    Hello everyone As anyone configured the voicemail transcription in latest stable version 4.4 using microsoft azure api? How we can configure it can anyone let me know. Thanks
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    FusionPBX Downgrade

    Hello everyone I am having FusionPBX Master Version 4.5.3 and Switch1.6.19 (64bit) installed currently some upgrade some features like delay in ring group, Caller ID override for follow me doesn't work perfectly and many more issues are there. I have around 180 domains with Extension around...
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    Hello everyone I am having fusionpbx master version 5.0 with psql master master replication. Sometime i am getting this error on all pages "error: SQLSTATE[08006] [7] FATAL: sorry, too many clients already FATAL: sorry, too many clients already" Can anyone let me know what is the issue and how...
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    Ringgroup Destinations set to external DID

    Hi Everyone I have set the Destinations in Ring Group to some external DID's the timeout is not working. While if i set the Extension in Destination it works (I can see i leg_timeout=10 for extension in the dialstring while for DID it is not available). I just want to know whether the timeout...
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    Override the original caller ID number not working in Call Routing

    Hi Everyone I am using Master Version of FusionPBX 4.5.1 with Switch Version1.6.20 (64bit). I am having issue with Call Routing/Follow me Let me explain here If i enable Call Forward to any external DID the original caller ID number won't get override. Where as it works with Follow Me...
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    Yealink Auto Provision and Firmware Upgrade

    Hi Everyone. Hope you all are doing well. I have successfully auto provision the my Yealink T48S. Is it possible to upgrade the firmware of phone through fusionpbx. If yes how i can achieve this. By the way what is the option under Account -- Device (The following information is used to...
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    Feature code *2 on demand call record

    Hi all I am using the latest Master version of fusionpbx and enable the bind digit action in dial plan manager. When in press *2 it enable me to record the on going call. My concern is how I can listen the recording I have checked in call details record but there is no icon to download or...
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    FusionPBX Queues

    I am having issue in QUEUE. Let me explain what i have did i have created a FIFO QUEUE named: queue and its using extension 700. DID that goes directly to it: 1318xxxxxxx When call comes into the Queue and the agent answers the call once its done and the call finishes Following issues i am...
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    FusionPBX with Mysql

    Hi I want to setup fusionpbx with mysql. It was there in older version but v4.x i din't find. Any suggestion will highly appreciated.