New Member
Oct 5, 2020
We provide a CTI Client for Fusionpbx. This CTI client can be used for agents to make and receive outgoing and incoming calls and perform call control operations and utilize features such as silent monitoring, barge-in and wrap-ups. This client can be integrated within a CRM interface.

We also can have the following stock reports:
  • Agent Statistics Report
  • Queue Statistics Report
  • Abandoned Call Detail Report
We can also create customer reports as per the requirement.

Furthermore, we provide dashboards & wallboards applications that allows the contact center administrators, supervisors and agents to customize new dashboards as per the needs of the business. Each user can create its own dashboard or admins create a contact center Wallboard to be displayed on a large screen in a room.

The Outbound feature provides automatic dialing functionality in addition to existing Fusionpbx capabilities. We currently have the preview dialer available for deployment.