Creating 1 time condition for 100 extensions


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Sep 26, 2018
We have 100 different stores, each with a unique inbound phone number(NPA-NXX-ABCD) and a unique ring group (44NPANXXABCD).
We are making changes to the Time Condition on a fairly regular basis, changing store hours.

Currently I have 100 time conditions, mapping a inbound number to a time condition and then if it matches times we pass the call to the extensions.

My questions is:
Can I create 1 time conditions, route all 100 DID's to the time condition, then based on the 10 digit phone (NPA-NXX-ABCD) number route the call to a ring group 44NPA-NXX-ABCD.


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Jun 12, 2018
short answer is Yes.
but would require some creative custom dial plans.

You would need to set a custom variable in each inbound route to capture the original destination number
Create a "true" dial plan and "false" dial plan to convert the custom variable back to desired destination based on time condition.
such as true goes to ring group x and false goes to IVR x
create single time condition for open hours etc. then route to the true or false dial plan appropriately.
Edit inbound route again to route to new single time condition.

All of it could be put into a single dial plan but could make editing in the future cumbersome.


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Mar 10, 2017
You could do this in one short dialplan step. Here's the logic behind it.

First, create a time condition. Then go to the condition from the dialplan manager and copy it so you have something to start with.

You need to set an INLINE variable capturing the original number.
Something like..<action application="set" data="my_number=${destination_number}" inline="true"/>
Do this in Dialplan Group 0. At the top.

Then you'll have all your time condition rules.

Then for the transfer step just use your new variable, $my_number.
<action application="transfer" data="44${my_number} XML"/>

Well now that I think of it you could probably just use this in your time condition transfer.
<action application="transfer" data="44${destination_number} XML"/>

You will probably need to tinker with it, but you should be able to make it work pretty easily.