Dial Plan "tutorial"

Hi everyone,

I've been learning freeswitch/fusionpbx.
We have great documentation in terms of the system itself, as for example the dial plan details at fusionpbx website and also the default files at the GitHub repository.

However, it has been quite hard for me to understand the structure of the dial plan. I am able to find basic information online but I get stuck when I want to personalize my dial plan since I don't master the structure.

Thank you, Merry Christmas!



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General structure is there are by default 2 dial plan contexts. Public for inbound numbers and the domain (internal) context.
The source of call will determine which context is used.
Each call will check all of the dial plans in the given context in “order” to see if the condition(s) listed match.
If a match is made, the actions of that dial plan are then processed.
Most of the public dial plans (inbound routes) will have a transfer action to the internal context or more specifically the corresponding domain context.

If you have more specific questions, we might be able help more.
Thank you @ad5ou
I am stuck with two dial plans. The two are inbound dialplans. One for invalid numbers and another which involves a callerid lookup for voicemail purpose.
I will post it on the general help with the details.