extension based time condition forward

sebastian hache

New Member
Oct 17, 2017

Any of you have a trick so that each user can set their time condtional "call forward"/"follow me" for their own extension ?
I can setup "Time Condition" extensions for them and they forward their calls to this newly created "Time Condition" extensions, but i have to do it for each of them.
And if they want to modify the schedule, I have to do it for them.

Thanks for your ideas,



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Mar 10, 2017
We had to do something that for follow-me, but I used a pure dialplan step (I didn't use the Time Conditions app) pretty early in the process. Like around step 20 or something like that. If the time condition was true, I would set follow-me = true, else it would be false. I told the customer that they could have one time condition for everyone that need the forwarding. It was a school district with 230 users in their central office, so I wasn't about to set unique conditions for each user.

Forwarding and Follow-me by date/time per user is not written just yet. It's something i've thought about in the past, but never took up the project. I believe that it would need to be a simplified version of the time conditions app. Personally I don't think end users could handle the complexity of a the current time conditions. Maybe just give them days of the week and time of day.