Extension Summary Page - Show Only User's Extensions


New Member
Jan 21, 2019

Is there a way to show only the extensions of a given user that is viewing Status -> Extension Summary?

For example. -

Bill has extensions 300, 301, 302, and 304 assigned to him.

When he logs in on his Agent account and views the Extension Summary (let's say the "Last 7 Days") it shows all his extensions but also all the domain's extensions, information he is not privy to. I need to find a way to show him only his extensions.

I've messed with the Group Permissions and even confirmed that "xml_cdr_domain" is disabled for the Agent User Group as mentioned in the thread I've sourced below.

I ask this as I am trying to avoid coding the solution if one already exists but I seem to be hitting a wall in terms of the current features available. Hope I'm just over looking something simple. Any insight into this matter would be much appreciated, thank you!

Sources -