Follow Me not working For Queues, But works when calling direct extension.


I recently downloaded the latest Version of Fusion PBX 4.5.11 and Switch Version 1.10.1. In our case , some of the extensions are configured to ring two end points, one local desk phones and and second remote cell phones. When i dial someone's direct extension, I am getting calls on Cellphones , totally fine. But when i call a queue, Calls are only hitting desk phones, Not cellphones. If someone knows how to fix it. That will be highly appreciated.

In the old versions when i make a change to follow me of an extension, it was updating the dial string of the extension. But the new one is not writing any changes when you enable it, But when you disable follow me it wipes it out. In case i again enable it, Dial string is all empty again.

Another thing i noticed that the New version is lacking some of the features, Like adminer, script editor etc
Dial strings are no longer used for Follow me. I believe that re-saving an existing follow me should remove the dial string.

Some apps have been moved to their own repository for security reasons, have a look at FusionPBX on Github for more information.
Thank You @Adrian Fretwell , for your reply. Adding the dial string in extension is sort of workaround i used as a temporary fix. I was able to send calls to cell phones when calling the queues. Without putting the dial string can, how can i solve this issue?



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Your work around is to add the destinations to the agent contact string or use the dial_string on the extension. Follow me with the extension dial_string had several bugs that could not be fixed. To get the best results with follow me we had to evolve beyond the dial_string approach.

The editor and command tools are available on in their own repos as mentioned for security reasons. Adminer was removed to eliminate security risks it posed to FusionPBX users and maintanence work to keep it up to date. I'm convinced that there are better ways to get into the database to manage it. I talked about these in the last continuing education training and the last advanced classes. You can also search the internet to learn how to connect to postgresql there are many tools for this.
@markjcrane ,Thank you Mark for your reply, I only want cell phones to righ when follow me is enabled. Toggling this option will clear the DialString , this is some change that i have to do every-time? Follow me works if i call direct extension but not when i calling a queue. Is there place where i can make change to fix this once and for all. Thanks