Fusion PBX Setup in AWS, HA and redundancy


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Hi Friends,

I am kind of new to Fusion PBX an already have a system set up for my office, I would like to start setup a new robust system, i would like to get some info and help to set up robust platform in AWS in order to have HA and Load Balancing to ensure have good plan to operate up to 500 extensions.

- Please shares if you have any setup in AWS environment or if you recommend other cloud platform and Why?
- Any storage you're recommending in AWS should or start with RDS to not setup application and database in one system and point to RDS - Amazon Relational Database Service in order to have second PBX server point too for more redundancy.
-what kind of disaster recovery plan you recommend for SIP trunk, as you know sip provide sometimes have an outage and that will affect the customer, but not sure how we can second provider but keep the same DID number to point to two SIP provider as primary and secondary.

Thanks in advance for your help and info
I would highly recommend AWS. I have multiple single / Failover clusters running in AWS. Ive only ever had 1 outage which lasted 5 mins as there host failed. Ive run Fusion from here for 2 years now.

I dont however have Fusion setup in a loadbalnced fashion. As many will tell you features will fail. The lead developer offers these solutions in his training course but if you are only running 500 ext in AWS i beleive a failover scenrio would be enough,


I did attempt to use the AWS DB and gave up with trying to work through the settings. Postgre nativly in the install works better then anything ive seen anyway.

Here in the UK we look at our providors networks. For example we have a connection with Gamma - They have muilitple Datacenters and provide us DC fail over IPS for SIP. This way if one fails the other still sends the inbound numbers. There are also tools with this providor to control number routing if both fail.

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Yes no problem

I have a single Cluster for a budget reseller on a dedicated largeX instance. They have around 300 live client (Domains) with business's. 3500 ext. They do a lot of call recording but not much listening so i have used a 2TB s3 drive for the recordings.

They peak around 120 - 150 Concurrent calls.

I have many clients on micro instances - These can range from between 10 to 100 users.

I have just built 2 X fail over dedicated host server for a reseller thats moving 950 clients over to us. Im awating the Advanced traingin course to work out if the Lead developers methods will make me rebuild this befroe the migration around December.

Like i sad never had an issue with AWS and the default secirty is perfect.

If you are 1 company a 500 ext system would run comfortably on a Medium dedicated Instance. If you doing a lot of rec and retrival i would use cold storage but if you hardly access just mount some s3 space so you dont have to worry about hd space (+saves cash on ssd)

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Amazon AWS puts your server behind NAT so this makes getting started harder for new people versus a server that you can get somewhere else with a public IP address. AWS is the leader but they command some of the highest prices in this field. If you use the cheap tier of servers in AWS the sound quality will be awful so you can't go cheap. As far as HA yes AWS can help make it easier for you in a proprietary way that only works on AWS. I prefer learning how to do it in a way that works on almost any server or provider.
Thanks to you all for the recommendation, so if we remove AWS due to costing and Nat issue, we need to look at another CLoud provider which is vultr or Digital ocean, which one you have recommended to use a provider, I also find this 5 server setup option from digital ocean website really appreciate if you can recommend one of their five options or you recommend another way.

Mark, I have attended to your admin and advance class couple month ago an those really helped and great!!!