Inbound call to Microsoft Teams (Direct route)

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Jul 14, 2020
Hi i need help with inbound call to ms teams via direct route.

i have successfully add fusionpbx as sbc to ms teams
option ping is successful,
i am able to make outbound call to pstn from ms team app to team proxy server to sbc(fusionpbx) to pstn successfully.

i have no success inbound calls to sbc (fusionpbx) to ms team proxy server to ms team app.

in fusionpbx log i get remote reason 1, unallotted number

my inbound dialplan setup is as shown in attachment.

i hope you can help me / tell me where go worng and share me a working example.
thank you very much.


  • Screenshot 2024-05-19 205605.png
    Screenshot 2024-05-19 205605.png
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