Problem with CallCenter

Hi all,

I have a problem with callcenter

This my road :
Inbound -> TimeCondition -> IVR
Option 1 : call center 1
Option 2 : call center 2
Option 3 : call center 3

My first DID all work perfectly but when I add a second DID with callcenter 4/5/6 ... he don’t want work ... each time when I go in callcenter it’s voicemail !

Anyone have a idea of my problem ?

Kind regard
Edit the call center and press the restart or reload button. Or flush the cache and restart mod_callcenter or restart FreeSWITCH.
Thank you so much, all work when i send "service freeswitch restart" , but it's weird ... and not very good with my FusionPBX i have all the time minimum 2-3 call simultaneous 24 hours on 24 ...