Recorded Name in voicemail appends on re-record

Hi. I'm not sure where to begin on troubleshooting this one.

User dials into voicemail, follows tutorial, records name, presses 1 to listen. Presses 3 to re-record. States name again. Presses 1 to listen, hears both recordings back to back.

Issue can be replicated on my server in multiple tenants and multiple extensions. Occurs when recording name through tutorial or pressing 5 when checking VM.
Also occurs accross sessions. When I go back into my VM to record a new name on listen it plays back all previous names.

the recorded_name.wav file in /var/lib/freeswitch/storage/voicemail/default/DOMAIN/EXT has all of the previously recorded names in it. It seems the voicemail system is appending the recording to the existing wav file instead of replacing it.