Timeout when creating domains

The only simple fix is to upgrade to latest master branch.

Mark very recently changed the behavior for domain creation in master branch. On 4.4 and older (a few weeks) master branches, the code was running "app defaults" on all existing domains plus the new domain causing the web server to timeout. Now it only updates the new domain to avoid the time out scenario.

If upgrading isn't feasible at the moment, you could probably change some nginx settings but I'm not sure what those would be.


Staff member
This used to happen on very old version of Fusion
This used to happen in very recent versions of master if you had enough domains.

App defaults got ran on every domain so when you got to about 120 domains it became very slow or timed out.

Mark acknowledged that the routine could do with some work and though I haven't tested or looked at the code, my understanding is that this is now fixed in latest master.