Using voicemail app via LUA

Hi all,

According to freeswitch documentation, there should be a voicemail application. However when I try something like:

<action application="voicemail" data="default multitenant_domain 1021" />

session:execute('lua','app.lua voicemail');
freeswitch complains that there is no such an application. I guess it has to be installed but I did a full installation of freeswitch components when I run my fusionPBX install. In any case, I did not want to break my installation, so, I checked how fusionPBX dialplan does it In the default installation there is a send_to_voicemail extension:


It works well, so I decided to just do the same through my LUA script:

device = 4999 -- test voicemail
session:execute('set','voicemail_id=' .. device);
session:execute('lua','app.lua voicemail');
And it does work (i.e it goes to the correct voicemail). However, I notice an error complaining about the profile at execution:


I am guessing it could be the reason why my transcription is not working but I have no idea where it is getting that profile from or where exactly I set it up.

Any idea on what to look at will be very much appreciated.

Thanks very much!