Anyone using Twilio Elastic SIP Trunking?

Discussion in 'Provider Settings' started by rchase, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. rchase

    rchase New Member

    I have inbound calls working, but outbound calls will not work.

    In FusionPBX it appears my trunk cannot register. It shows "Trying" and "Failed_Wait" only.

    I am sure that I have the credentials correct and IP is correct on Twilio side, proxy is correct on FusionPBX side.

    FS_CLI shows a timeout error message for that trunk trying to register

    On the Twilio side, Debugger shows "The SDP is not correctly formatted.", and under possible solutions all it does is link to the RFC for SDP lol ...

    Hope someone can help! Ive spent 2 entire days on this

    Instruction to get inbound calls working on Twilio:

    Setup trunk in Twilio

    1. Termination settings: Setup IP ACL, and Credential lists
    2. Origination settings: Add Origination URI of <your-ip>:5080
    3. In FusionPBX setup an inbound router with the Twilio DID

    Instructions to get outbound calls working on Twilio:

    <I dont know!>
  2. DigitalDaz

    DigitalDaz Administrator Staff Member

    rchase is now fixed
  3. rchase

    rchase New Member

    Yes thanks to digidaz's help on #fusionpbx IRC! Thanks again!

    For anyone looking at using Twilio with FusionPBX, it works just fine. The problem I had was due to the fact I was using a Cisco SPA phone which default settings set ptime to 30ms whereas Twilio was expecting 20ms. Most IP phones default to 20ms and it wouldnt be an issue, but it was an easy config fix for the Cisco also.

    Twilio trunk works just like any other trunk -- setup ACL, username and password, the only thing other than that is set Register to false. (No registration)

    Works great
  4. Markymc

    Markymc New Member

    Hi rchase,
    Just curious as to the benefits of using Twilio SIP over your standard SIP telco provider. I’m on the fence on which way to go and just looking for input.

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