Number not extension


Following the installation of fusionpbx within our company I need some help
We have a trunk sip of functional, we can make calls outside
When we call we have the number of trunk Sip displayed but we wish to have the number assigned to the line
The inbound and outbound rules are functional
So I do not know where the problem can come from



Staff member
calleridnameprefix.jpg I understand what you want but is there a purpose for this? ie you just need to know the number called from a bunch of numbers? If so, the easiest way is to add a caller id name prefix on the destination.

For example, You have three different numbers one for companyA, one for companyB, one for companyC, bu using callerid name prefix, it will display on your phone companyA- etc.
For example I have three extension 100 200 300
100 as a number 0247000000
200 as a number 0247000001
300 to as number 0247200002

And I wish when I call that their number be displayed, I do not want the number of trunk sip