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  1. Ankit

    Ankit New Member


    i m using 4.3.2 fusion PBX version.
    When i tried to add inbound routes it's successfully added .but when i click on drop down on type there is 1 more option "outbound" what is the used of it? in fusion PBX is it useful for adding outbound routes.

    Because it's make me confusing.
  2. Matthew Main

    Matthew Main New Member

    The outbound route option is for numbers your forwarding too,

    so there are 2 ways of doing this

    in Ring groups you can turn on forward and add a number - this is good for temp forwarding


    You can add an outbound destination and configure the inbound destination to action the outbound destination - better for permanent forwarding

    so call flow would look like this

    Temp Forwarding
    DDI ( Inbound Destination) > Ring Group > Forward enabled to ************

    Permanant Forward
    DDI ( Inbound Destination) > *********** ( Outbound Destination)

    Hope this help


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