Shared core database between 2 Freeswitches

Discussion in 'General HA & Load Balancing' started by babak, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. babak

    babak New Member

    I installed Fusionpbx with install script on one virtual machine.
    Set the config to save internal freeswitch database in postgresql.everything is ok intenal database tables was created.
    I copied virtual machine and changed its IP address.
    In second virtual machine I set core database to IP and password of first virtual machine and set same switchname in switch.conf.xml
    But in second virtual machine even freeswitch didnot start.
    What is problem? Is there any firwal rules closing database access from another IP except ?
  2. DigitalDaz

    DigitalDaz Administrator Staff Member

    @babak Yes, other things must be considered for example pg_hba.conf.

    If you are going to pint multiple instances to one DB take a look at using haproxy, its very simple to set up.

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