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Discussion in 'Suggest a Forum' started by roger_roger, Mar 14, 2017.

  1. roger_roger

    roger_roger Member

    How about a section listing all phone manufacturers and allow us to add tips/tricks/advice for each type of phone.


  2. TheOperator

    TheOperator New Member

    Sounds like a good idea .... might also be a place for customized cfg-files.
  3. DigitalDaz

    DigitalDaz Administrator Staff Member

    Added, ask for more as you need them :)
  4. roger_roger

    roger_roger Member

    Cisco SPA would be helpful - the 504, 508, and 514 are pretty much the same. Separate one for the 525. Same with 112 and 122.
  5. Ryan1

    Ryan1 New Member

    Polycom 5.x would be very helpful! (16 current Polycom models run on this release)

    Polycom 4.x -- I have a couple of these, but I would assume they're similar enough that with the help of one Polycom write up, I could easily figure out the other (19 Polycom supported models on this release)
  6. Henry Jones

    Henry Jones New Member

    Hi All,

    I am experiencing issues with a hosted server and Polycom 550's. Can those be added? Thanks!!

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