Voicemail to Email - Always 'Failed' Status

In FusionPBX Extension I have set 'Voicemail Mail to ' a proper email ID for my extension. Also in Advanced ->Default settings, Email settings are configured as per the document with port and everything.

So when I call my extension and leave a voicemail, I see that voicemail gets saved, I can play and hear it. I go to Status->Emails, I see the voicemail with status 'Failed'. I tried re-sending but the email not coming through.
In Log viewer I do see

2018-01-30 16:17:46.786576 [DEBUG] switch_utils.c:1180 Emailed file [/tmp/mail.15173290647ad0] to [myEmail@hotmail.com]

Could you please point me what I am missing??

Thank you!
I am still having a similar issue. The only difference on mine is that if I click resend it goes right through so it doesn't seem to be a setting issue on my email. It just fails on the first attempt for the emails. It has been a big pain as I have to go in daily and check for failed emails and click resend on each.
I checked what I was able to figure out how to check. I was hoping for some assistance to try to figure out how to check/enable more detailed logging.

I had started a different forum post directly relating to my issue back in the end of January but never got a response on it. Been following this one as well in hopes of it being a similar issue.

The error that I was able to see is:

SMTP -> ERROR: Failed to connect to server: (0)
The following From address failed: admin@mydomain.com
Mailer Error: The following From address failed: admin@mydomain.com

But as soon as I click resend in FusionPBX it goes right through, so it doesn't really make much since to me.