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    Polycom VVX 300 & 400 series Auto provisioning

    Hello I am looking for a good consultant who can help us with the Auto provisioning of polycom vvx 300 and vvx 400 series phones, with our Fusionpbx server. Must have privious experience in setting up and configuring these phones. Thanks John
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    Internal transfer with DID not working

    Yes It the DID shows up to the first person picking up. When he transfers the call, the receiver gets the extension of the person as the caller ID. We want the original DID to show up after the transfer.
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    Internal transfer with DID not working

    Hello I am facing this issue, hope some of you have a solutions for this. When we get an external call, the first person picks up, and then transfers it to another extension, the caller ID or the DID does hot show up to the person who is receiving the call. Is it possible to do this in...