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The task is basic IVR, pick up the phone immediately, greeting: "welcome, please press 4 to reach person A, please press 6 to reach person B or press 0 or stay on the line to reach general mailbox". dialing out no restrictions on dial pattern.

if you doing it on a regular basis you should be able to have ready to use recipes, aren't you? if you have or can suggest a better one please do.
Do you have phones? and will you want them set up for remote provisioning or do you just want me to configure the extensions and let you provision them?
I have ATA, no other phones needed. I can configure ATA myself, connecting to an extension
Do you have an account with a voip provider you want to use?
yes, bulkvs, I am using it with a test setup at this time. password registration.

Is the machine on a static IP with correct ports forwarded?
yes, oracle cloud public IP
or will we have to use sip registration on the gateway?
I don't know what is it - never used and never needed.
Hi Paul i iam having the same prablom with email template -like u ask here:
Hey Guys. I have a hard time to configure the email template the fusionpbx uses for voicemail to email. i want to use the de-de template and changed the language of the Server in Default settings but the Server keeps using en-us default. Do you have any ideas how i can get him to use the...

do u menge to fix this ?