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I have install FusionPBX and connect D-Link DPH-850S ,DLINK DPH-400SE and DLINK DPH-150SE phone to it ,the phone keep ringing with some numbers which are not in my FusionPBX.

Can anyone help me to solve this problem?
Hello Digital Daz,

Have recently installed fusion pbx on debian 9, most of everything seems to work fine, the issue we are having is during the autoprovisioning of yealink and polycom. When we do protocol of TCP, phones register, however, we then experience audio issues and blf issues, calls will not transfer to a park blf. When we try to register phones via UDP, nothing registers at all.
I think you should post on the forum and not post on a user's wall; not unless you're paying them for them time...
Hi. I was reading your post but my attempts to get one extension to ring another extension on a separate FreeSWITCH server has failed. When I try to bridge the call to user/whatever@mydomain.com, the call simply tries to bridge the call directly to the user from the local server. Did you make any changes to the FusionPBX local_extension dialplan?
in Oct 2018 "how to get calls to be trusted back and forth between 2 FusionPBXs". I tried dial plans, but all DP changes were rolledback. I tried because someone said "just set bridging up both ways - and it just works". LIke you, it might have worked ONE way for calls, but no calls in the rev direction. We ended up paying professional services to set it up. Did you try DIDs and AA's between systems? I heard