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I followed your instructions r/t provisioning the Grandstream HT802. I was able to get the device registered and it shows that it's connected to the PBX. However, whenever I try to call out or if I call my number all it does is ring busy. From what I can see the outbound & inbound routes are set up correctly. I just can't figure out why it won't complete the call or receive one?
In Grandstream HT802 series,
This issue occurs due to codec mismatch.
Start your codecs from
PCMA,PCMU & repeat it in all 6 options & apply,it should be fine.
there is a problem I am facing since yesterday. Anytime I install fusionpbx and the installation is complete then fail2ban ban my iP . I can see it from KVM why is it like that
as soon as the installation is complete without any attempt to login to gui. Please any help will do.thank you