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I am using FusionPBX where call forwarding to multiple operator numbers is required simultaneously how can I do this?

I have entered multiple numbers in the ring group but only the first number is sending calls, not all the numbers at the same time.
Send your ring group config so we can see what you did wrong.
Hi Pacmen,
Would you please pass me the setup to create the NonRegistered Gateway in FusionPBX pointing to Sonetel SIP address. I set the DID in Sonetel to Forward to 1number@mydomain.com. The problem is how to setup the Gateway in my FusionPBX for incoming calls. Can you show me a bit your gateway configuraton>?
Hi Mehdi, how are you? are you interested in joining with us as VOIP engineer and work remotely for us?
did you ever get a answer to this?

Hi All,

Would like to find out the cloud server requirements that can handle up to 5000 register extensions and up to 2000 concurrent calls, or is there any hardware sizing tool that i could use?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Chris,

I found you request on the PBX forum. Have you been able to implement STIR/Shaken?