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    Using IVR to Add a SIP Header

    Hey all, I'm working with a product called Jitsi to host some video conferencing for my company. To setup the dial in number, I need to have the users call into my phone system (FusionPBX), go to an IVR and enter a pin number (won't always be the same), and then add a SIP Header containing the...
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    Restrict calls to an Extension to only a single extension (or a number of extensions)

    Hey there, I have a Fusion install with some speakers that auto answer a SIP Call for paging. This is excellent, however, I do not want just any phone to be able to call the extension and page over the speakers. I'm sure there is a way to use the dialplan to only allow calls to an extension...
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    change default MOH in domain

    I'm looking to set up different MOH for different domains too. The below is from the docs online. ( "Each music on hold category is given a name. If the domain is set to global the name will be the name in the...