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    Call rings twice on the phone

    I did an upgrade from ver 4.4 to the master latest version, user are reporting that now instead of the call going to voice mail after the timeout period (30 seconds) it will show on the phone a missed call but right away start ringing again for another 30 seconds before it goes to VM anyone?
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    desk phones not hanging up

    @markjcrane has a document on this under the member section. I cant charge the info on this public furom
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    desk phones not hanging up

    You shuold uninstall version 1.8.5 and install 1.8.4 Worked for me
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    desk phones not hanging up

    Exactly I had the same issues under 1.8.5 ,,, downgrade of freeswitch solved the issues
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    desk phones not hanging up

    Which versions of freeswitch?
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    Local extension as a page not as a call

    Hi I have a use case where they want that every local extension call should be a page and not a call Any ideas how I can build such a dial plan?
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    Calls are not hanging up

    Which version of freeswitch are you using? And are the phones behind NAT.
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    How to setup Paging to not put active calls on hold

    is that the right way of doing it? is the syntax correct?
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    Call hangup

    Hi since i did an upgrade from 4.2 to 4.4 any calls that the caller will hang up if the users are on speaker or headset the call stays active untill they press end this is really effecting us in call center as the system thinks that the call is still active and its not sending the next call...
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    How to setup Paging to not put active calls on hold

    Talking about paging, is there an option to set a limit so lets say after 15 seconds the paging will disconnect?
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    FusionPBX: Position in Queue

    Didn't really helped
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    Call Center does not hang up

    Hi since i did an upgrade from fusion Ver. 4.2 FS ver 1.6 to Fusion 4.4 and FS 1.8 when a call comes into the call center and the caller hangs up it will not disconnect the call on the fusion end untill they hang up the call in callcenter many users have a headset so they are not used to...
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    FusionPBX: Position in Queue

    thank you all for the info i just set this up and its working great! the announment is not happening at the entry point its happening somewhere in the middle can we have it to run when we enter the call center ??? i know that we send the argument how often to announce but can we set it to...
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    SIP Profile crashed cant start it

    this is the error i got when i start it 2019-03-11 09:02:02.359870 [ERR] sofia.c:3228 Error Creating SIP UA for profile: internal (sip:mod_sofia@207.148.17.xx:5060;maddr=;transport=udp,tcp) ATTEMPT 1 (RETRY IN 5 SEC) 2019-03-11 09:02:07.359880 [ERR] sofia.c:3228 Error Creating SIP...
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    Fax server TimeZoe

    thank you @paradym works great @markjcrane how can we submit this to the git