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    Sip Providers

    Thank you, I am looking into it now.
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    Sip Providers

    Ok, I am looking for Wholesale sip providers in Latin America. I have customer need to make calls to the follow countries. Columbia and Mexico.
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    Auto provisioning Fanvil X5U & X6U

    Has anyone have success on auto provisioning the Fanvil x5u & x6u ? Thanks for the help...
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    It was not my attention hijacking the thread i am stuck on auto provisioning the Fanvil X5U & X6U. I do apologize for that. Thanks Mike
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    Moving to DigialOcean

    I had problems with digital ocean , but I was using Debin 9. Everything installed just fine but we had several issues with fusionpbx. We had to move everything back Let me know how it goes with Digital ocean.
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    Fresh install issue

    I am trying to install on VPS never had this issue before.
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    We have about 300 of fanvils out to customers i have had only 1 go bad, Fanvil replace it. no issues just trying get the new one s to work with auto provisioning,, X6U.
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    Has anyone used Bandwidth Sip provider? I am having issues setting them up as a gateway. Thanks Mike
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    Snom 765

    Any ideas? I have case 715 I need get working.
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    Where you able to get the click to dial to work.

    Where you able to get the click to dial to work.
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    Ring group calls in fail

    i am having the same issue. I tried what you did with no luck.
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    Sip Trunk Provider

    I am looking for wholesale sip provider in Colombia for client.. Thanks
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    Delete voicemail files older than X days

    So is there a easy way to store VM off the phone sever? I saw few threads on it ?But did not see any then concrete on how to it.
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    Delete voicemail files older than X days

    I want to delete the voicemail files that are 30 days or older, but I am not able to figure this out, I am not linux guy I am learning.. my storage is 70%.. Thanks in advance..