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    Explanation on creating the dialplan.{domain_name} cache file

    Hi guys, I'm working on my fusionpbx API, i need an explanation what happens when we create for example a time condition, i put all the information inside the database, i can view the time condition i create but when i try to put it in an incoming route the call stops. I noticed that the time...
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    Transfer between accounts on IVR

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    FusionPBX API

    Anyone know of any free API’s for FusionPBX
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    Fusion PBX API

    Hello Is there any fusionpbx API. Or any API documentation?? to create Android App Thank you
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    API / Automate Procedures within FusionPBX

    Hi, I'm looking for the best way of automating some tasks within FusionPBX. For example, when we add a new "client" or domain, domain settings need to be added, a domain admin account gets created, etc. All straightforward from within FusionPBX but we're looking at migrating from another PBX...
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    FusionPBX Auto Login (autologin)

    Hi Team, Is there a way to login into FusionPBX using API Key and stay signed in? I would like to create an external link on my dashboard, so clients can sign in from my service dashboard. Having multiple usernames and password is inconvenient. I used the API key to sign in and it works...
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    SOLVED Conference center room API printout

    Hi all, We have an API v6 enabled FusionPBX server. I can see/edit all the available conference centers with this command: https://FUSION_URL/app/api/6/conference_centers/ But within the conference_centers are conference_rooms, and I would like to view/edit them with the API. If I do...
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    Hi, There is any simple way we activate PHP ESL on Debial ? So I will be to us the api? For example I would like to run this script: <?php require_once('ESL.php'); if ($argc > 1) { array_shift($argv); $command = sprintf('%s', implode(' ', $argv)); printf("Command to run is: %s\n"...