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    Remote Extensions behind NAT - Registering but no audio

    Hi All, I am looking to achieve the following setup: Phone (local net <-> NAT Router A <-> Internet <-> NAT Router B <-> Fusion PBX (local net Using dynamic DNS for NAT Router B and opening SIP+RTP ports in routers+firewalls I am managing to register the phone to...
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    No audio on Fusion/Freeswitch 1.6.20, Debian 8, behind firewall - hosted Google cloud

    Hi all Let me say in advance, Thank you, as I have struggled all day trying to get this working. I have deployed the latest release Fusion/Freeswitch - 1.6.20 - to a Google cloud Debian 8 instance. I've created a new SIP profile for my domain [], I've set the ext-rtp-ip and...