fusionpbx 5.2

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    FusionPBX and Shoutcast/Icecast Streams

    Hello fellow FusionPBX and FreeSwitch users. I'm looking for some advice about how to build my application. I have an Icecast stream that will be broadcasting only at certain times. I have a phone number that people can dial in to hear this stream. If the stream is not live, I'd like to play a...
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    Available destinations in an IVR menu

    Is it possible to limit the types of destinations available in the 'Destination' dropdown in an IVR menu. By default if displays everything - Outbound destinations, Dialplans, Extensions, Fax servers, Recordings, Tones, SIP trunks etc. I'm trying to hide the Fax servers and SIP trunks as, in my...