high availability

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    Upgrade and Resilience Advice - FusionPBX 4.5.10 to Latest

    Hi, I currently have a standalone FusionPBX virtual server running version: 4.5.10 (Switch Version 1.10.1) on Debian 9.11 Postgres 12.1 I'd like some advice from the community on how best to bring the server up to date and improve the resilience of the system. I have been considering whether it...
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    AWS load balancer in front of FusionPBX

    I am looking at doing a software load balancer on AWS with a setup script on S3. The FusionPBX should get rebuilt automatically if there is an issue. The frontend should be easy enough to setup. As far as the recordings, I can store them all in an S3 bucket and just point all the servers to...
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    Is this setup production viable?

    Hello, I have a single FusionPBX instance and I'm wanting to add a failover server. I'm not wanting to do load balancing, just a secondary server for phones register to if the first was to ever go down. In my lab, I have two FusionPBX instances setup using PostgreSQL streaming replication for...