1. I

    newbie lab - cannot make snom 821 to manually provision

    Phone Type: snom821-SIP VPN: Off MAC-Address: 0448C4C31F69 (fake address, just for illustration) IP-Address: IP-Address(v6): Firmware-Version:snom821-SIP My current Orig and Term provider it's VoIP Innovation. My VPS Debian 9.4 x64 Fusion PBX v...
  2. zenvoip

    Snom 765

    I am not able to get Snom765 register correctly on Fusionpbx. It shows it registered, but no dailing out you can into the phone no audio.
  3. EasyBB

    Script - Snom phone Action URL to FusionPBX Caller ID

    I use this script to gather caller id information from my colleagues. This script is written to work with Snom phones but can be modified to suit any phone that can hit an http url when certain events happen on the phone. I use Snom's "Incoming Call/ On Connected" Action URL field to fire this...