1. L

    SRTP audio unprotect failed with code 7

    Hi. I'm trying to config my Akuvox R50 with to use SRTP. When I call my phone from anther line everything is fine. But when I call another number with my phone after 1-2 seconds ringing, call fails with SRTP_READ_ERROR message. If the other party answers the call within 1-2 secs, call will be...
  2. Caleb

    Send Only SAVP in SDP

    Hi All, We're trying to configure our FusionBPX server with Linphone clients, and we're hoping to use TLS/SRTP (or maybe even ZRTP). With TLS/SRTP enabled, we've been able to get registration and outgoing calls (from endpoints) working great. We can also receive incoming calls to endpoints...