1. R

    Gateway taken out of service when switched to TLS

    So I am testing TLS / SRTP with a carrier but can't seem to get outbound calling to work. Inbound TLS calls work great. Prior to switching to TLS the gateway was working with SIP UDP using the external profile. Once I switched to TLS, I updated the port of the gateway to reflect the TLS port of...
  2. L

    SRTP audio unprotect failed with code 7

    Hi. I'm trying to config my Akuvox R50 with to use SRTP. When I call my phone from anther line everything is fine. But when I call another number with my phone after 1-2 seconds ringing, call fails with SRTP_READ_ERROR message. If the other party answers the call within 1-2 secs, call will be...
  3. Caleb

    Send Only SAVP in SDP

    Hi All, We're trying to configure our FusionBPX server with Linphone clients, and we're hoping to use TLS/SRTP (or maybe even ZRTP). With TLS/SRTP enabled, we've been able to get registration and outgoing calls (from endpoints) working great. We can also receive incoming calls to endpoints...