Constant Ringotel VM notifications since 5.3.1


New Member
Mar 10, 2023
Good Afternoon,

I have been running my FusionPBX with Ringotel for about a year now and it's been running great. We use Poly VVX 450s that store VMs on the physical phone, as well as sending VM to email through the fusion. We do not use the VM features that come from Ringotel. Since upgrading to 5.3.1 we are now receiving notifications on our cell phones every hour that I have a new VM. These notifications are showing up under the chat section of Ringotel and are only affecting users with a desk phone and Ringotel app. We've worked with Ringotel and have tried their suggestions of enabling PBX features and unchecking "allow unsolicited notifications.", but this has not done anything.

Before this upgrade it would never notify us in Ringotel when a VM was left, however now it is every hour until I clear out all the VMs on my Poly desk phone.

Has anyone been experiencing this with Ringotel or any other softphone?

Thanks so much!