Migrate FreeSWITCH from Source to Package Install on an Existing FusionPBX Server


New Member
Oct 12, 2016
Maryland, USA
I am an avid learner of VOIP and am constantly intrigued by the rapid advancements that are happening. More so, the pace as which the FreeSWITCH and FusionPBX projects are moving is quite breath-taking. Once of those advancements caught me unawares when the FreeSWITCH devs came out with official packages - this was awesome but changed the switch paths to be more conforming to the Debian standards (creating some headaches). But then what would I do with all my FusionPBX servers whose FreeSWITCH instances were compiled from source?

Well, I decided to put all the knowledge I'd gained from messing with Bash and came up with a small script to help automate the process of migrating the underlying FreeSWITCH application from source to packages on an existing and fully operational FusionPBX server, thus preserving all functionality and settings.

If you find yourself in this situation and think you could benefit from this, checkout my project on GitHub - https://github.com/kismetgerald/fusionpbx-migrate-fs-src2pkg

Hugh Blandford

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Oct 1, 2016
I have been thinking about this. Thanks so much for your work here. It will really help with the constant grind and risk of trying to keep up to date. Hopefully this will help me keep up to date and avoid those long gaps in upgrades which become such an effort.