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Discussion in 'General FusionPBX Help' started by mrjoli021, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. mrjoli021

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    I have input my phone number in the "effective" and the "outbound" callerid on the extension and the variable does not get set. What is showing up on the carrier is the extension. Is there something else I need to do to enable this feature on the outbound trunk or on the extension?

    on the trunk I have

    FYI: I have also changed it to "effective_caller_id_number=${effective_caller_id_number} " and still no change.

  2. Jeroen Hermans

    Jeroen Hermans New Member

    Hello mrjoli021,

    I seem to be having exactly the same problem. Have you figured this problem out?
    Thank you for your reply!

  3. mrjoli021

    mrjoli021 New Member

    For some reason on my outbound route the callerid was not set. What I did was delete the entire outbound route and recreated it. That fixed my issue.
  4. Jeroen Hermans

    Jeroen Hermans New Member

    Hello mrjoli021,

    I may have some information for you that may be interesting.
    I am using a multi tenant system and i THINK ${outbound_caller_id_number} is not filled in a multi-tenant system. I changed the line in my dialplan to:

    action set effective_caller_id_number=${user_data(${username}@${domain_name} var outbound_caller_id_number)}

    That fixed my problem and the From-header is now correct! I hope this helps you.
    Now i have a new problem with my phone behind NAT (see new thread).

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