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  1. DigitalDaz

    DigitalDaz Administrator Staff Member

    A client asked recently for a phone book to replace the contacts within FusionPBX with something similar to use. So here it is, our first version.

    At the moment it only supports Yealink, we'll be adding more phones as and when we have time. Please report any bugs. Once we have some additional phone support and any bugs ironed out, we will submit it to the project.

    To use it, untar the file into your FusionPBX apps folder, this can usually be found at /var/www/fusionpbx/apps.

    Once you have done that you will need to go to advanced/upgrade and go through all the options one at a time except update source.

    Log out then back in and in the Apps dropdown you should see a new entry phonebook.

    There is an import function but this will only work with existing Yealink phonebooks.

    I hav added a short video showing how to use it but I expect most will be able to work it out for themselves.

    If you are using provisioning, for each phonebook entry you will need to add a pair of variables similar to:



    Because the phonebook will be being deployed over https you will need a real certificate on the server or change the following security setting on the Yealink phones:


    Video if you need it:


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  2. yukon

    yukon Member

    are you going to add this to github fusionpbx-apps?
  3. DigitalDaz

    DigitalDaz Administrator Staff Member

    Not yet, he probably will not accept it. I want to extend it more before I submit it anyway.
  4. KonradSC

    KonradSC New Member

    Nice app. app_config.php schema details needs to be updated if you want it to work correctly with 4.3. I've had to update all my custom apps.
  5. DigitalDaz

    DigitalDaz Administrator Staff Member

    Could you post what needs to be changed please?
  6. KonradSC

    KonradSC New Member

    I would spend some time looking over the database classes.

    These are used throughout 4.3 code. If you use the Save function it will put information in transaction table. This is used for auditing changes and later will be used as a way to 'undo' changes. Mark also said using these functions will help with security.

    I have attached some examples how i used these in an app i wrote. These tables aren't in fusion by default.

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  7. Shaun1979au

    Shaun1979au New Member

    Hi there,
    Thank you, this is exactly what I was looking for.
    I've installed it following your guide but unfortunately the groups won't create.
    When I add an entry and create a group the entry appears to be assigned to the group but when I edit the entry there are zero groups....and when it creates the URL there is no group.
    Fusionpbx 4.2.2
  8. DigitalDaz

    DigitalDaz Administrator Staff Member

    You're not putting any spaces or fancy characters in the group names?
  9. Shaun1979au

    Shaun1979au New Member

    Thanks for your reply.
    No, no special characters, just words like Support, Service, Sales etc...
  10. DigitalDaz

    DigitalDaz Administrator Staff Member

    And you folowed the video exactly? And you are using Debian 8 and postgresql?
  11. Shaun1979au

    Shaun1979au New Member

    No unfortunately, it is CentOS7 and MySQL.
    Can we make it work?
  12. DigitalDaz

    DigitalDaz Administrator Staff Member

    Probably but I have no interest in it, mysql is no longer even tested on fusionpbx and as far as I am aware its not going to get any better. We use BDR for replication which is a postgres thing, take advantage of data types like uuid and json/jsonb etc. Look in the code at the database stuff, I haven't even added any mysql stuff in there at all.
  13. Yuri

    Yuri New Member

    Thanks for the app, it is great.

    For importing contacts into phonebook app, what is correct formatting shouls I use?


  14. DigitalDaz

    DigitalDaz Administrator Staff Member


    Cannot remember offhand but it is the standard Yealink phonebook format

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