Provisioning a Cisco SPA525G


I want to provision 10x Cisco SPA525G per TFTP. So i set up Debian 8.10, installed FusionPBX which works fine and tftpd-hpa to provide the xml files for the phones via tftp.
The install is completely "naked", i just added devices and extensions. However i have enabled provisioning in the default settings and also set the location for the tftp folder. But the folder is never filled with the xml file. I also get a 404 error when i want to download the xml file via the webinterface.

i looked up in the syslog and there is this entry:
FusionPBX[509]: [] provision attempt but provisioning is not enabled for a44c11a0a8c2
does somebody have a hint?

thank you
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That's true. I am kinda new to this stuff and only had a documentation where only the methode with the tftp-service was shown.
But still: I can't download the xml file due to a 404-error, neither are the phones able to do it. How can i fix this?

Before putting a URL into the phones, i need actually working url.

When i go to the device-page and press the "Files"-Button, i get this url:{$mac}.xml&content_type=application/octet-stream
... but all i get is a 404 Not Found.

domain-filter is off.


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i didn't changed anything and all of a sudden i am able to download the file, so this works.
however, when i put$MA.xml in the 66 option of the dns server the phone wants to download a SPAA44C11A0A8C2.cnf.xml which isn't there I think.

Is there a possibility to create something like symlinks? so that i am able to provision the phones?
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