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    Small issue that I've fixed on php

    Hi, maybe someone else has just found this issue. I've installed fusionbx stable today and Dialplan Manager page was not working. Looking at nginx error.log I saw: "PHP message: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in /var/www/fusionpbx/app/dialplans/dialplans.php on line 317" Editing...
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    SOLVED Outbound routing based on Ext area code

    Make an example order to help you.
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    Problem to record extensions

    Which release are you using? Until 4.2 a recorded call was downloadable from a link on the CDR row of the call.
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    Cisco phones for FusionPBX compared to Yealink / Others - your feedback is appreciated...

    Pay attention: CISCO spa phones are common SIP phones you can use with every SIP PBX. Cisco 6800/7800/8800 are thought for Cisco CUCM (once Call Manager) and it's very hard to use them with a SIP IPPBX such as Fusion/Freeswitch, Asterisk or whatever else. You have to update them with SIP...
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    Cisco phones for FusionPBX compared to Yealink / Others - your feedback is appreciated...

    CISCO SPA phones comes from old Sipura technology. They have improved them but the old structure is still present. Do they work as expected? YES. Are they easy to use? No, expecially when you have to modify provisioning files to enable features. So told, they can implement any classical feature...
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    Problem to record extensions

    Look at CRDs
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    Send back 180 Ringing to the gateway

    A short story that maybe can help someone. I've a customer with a ISDN gateway connected to a E1 and a FusionPBX. My customer wants something very simple to do: play busy tone when a user is on call. This simple thing made me crazy! Fusion answers with "180 Ringing" + "183 Session Progress", so...
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    SOLVED Dialplan Question

    Happy to help!
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    BLF on Yealink Endpoints

    I've fixed it enabling a lua script. - Go to Advanced->XML Editor - Edit script : /etc/freeswitch/autoload_configs/lua.conf.xml - Uncomment <param name="startup-script" value="call_flow_monitor.lua"/> - Restart Freeswitch, reboot the phone
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    SOLVED Dialplan Question

    try to export the variable: <action application="export" data="sip_execute_on_image=t38_gateway self nocng"/>
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    Fusionpbx visual dialplan editor

    Hi, Many commercial IP PBX offer a visual dialplan editor: user can connect call elements (such as ANSWER,HANGUP, RING GROUP, TIME CONDITION) and define call flow using mouse and drag&drop icons. Is there sucha tool for Fusion?
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    Voice quality problem on the simultaneous second call

    Both phones are set with the same codecs?
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    Outbound in Destination Dropdown

    Hi Matthew, I've created an inbound destination pointing to an outbound destination. Call comes in on inbound destination but, after that, I've a trasfer on public context and outbound destination fails. How should we set inbound and aoutbound destinations? Thanks. Chris