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    How many radio hams do we have on here?

    Totally off topic but just curious. I'm M5ADI. Had it since about 2000, it was a UK class B, we did the 5wpm morse. I later got auto upgraded to a class A and was offered a class A callsign but I chose to retain the old one as I figured more people may want to talk as it was rarer. Most of my...
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    BulkVS Extension Header X-ng911: Room 1001 Kari's Law Ray Baum Act

    I wonder how many amateurs there are on here :) de M5ADI
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    SOLVED Adding custom SIP headers to outbound calls

    The reason I ask for old threads not to be reopened is because you may have people who were 'watching' the thread. If you add to the solved thread, they will all receive alerts for something they have no desire to. It just a bit friendlier to start your own.
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    SOLVED Adding custom SIP headers to outbound calls

    Something along the lines of: <action application="set" data="sip_h_ X-ng911r=${effective_caller_id_number}"/> Also, please don't reopen solved threads, start your own.
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    Domain Specific SIP Profile

    Just switch to TCP, its far easier than trying to squeeze back a few bytes. I have found problems with compact headers in the past too. Also, if you do squeeze back a few bytes, you then have the potential for Mr CustomerWithASuperLongName to come along, set that in his callerid name and you...
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    Admin to more then one Domain

    Just create a user with the same username in that domain. They will have to log into each domain individually but that works. It may sound a pain but in practice its not, after all you don't often need to make modifications to multiple domains at the same time.
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    [inbound routes] 404 not found

    This would imply you have done something with the ACL you shouldn't have. it shouldn't be touching inbound routes.
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    MS teams integration

    Just to update this a little, first you now can get the calling with an E1 license. Its an addon for them all, in the UK it costs £6. With regard to the ring group thing, you do not need to assign the DID directly, I have teams extensions using three digit extension numbers. As for the SBC, I...
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    Email call recordings

    We have a request to email a call recording upon call completion to the person who was on the call. Does anyone have any idea how to best determine that user? I'm thinking of setting a variable when the call is answered perhaps, I'm not really sure, there doesn't seem to be a consistent value...
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    Cannot access Fusion PBX Web Portal and phones cannot register

    If its the sql db, just stop freeswitch, DELETE the db and restart. No need to restore anything. The freeswitch db only stores the current state.
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    How to edit provisioning templates in a safe way?

    I think that gonna mess you up on a git pull, I'm sure I recall Mark saying you can put them in the /etc/fusionpbx directory.
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    Modify Contact header FreeSWITCH

    Why would you need to send such a contact header, what is it the reasoning? The only purpose of the contact header is to tell the remote server how to reach you for inbound calls.
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    Migrated Fusion to new server - getting <! - {title} -> after restore

    Also, I think you may need to enable nesting now.
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    Migrated Fusion to new server - getting <! - {title} -> after restore

    Are you creating unprivileged containers?
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    Fusion PBX on Custom ARM Hardware

    I have used similar like the H96 Max Plus in the past but found them all to lock up after a while. If I was you I would use Pi4s and stick them in a case like the Argon One M.2 case...