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    Multi Tenant not working

    I setup my system in multi tenants with separated domains on dns provider and point to my FS eg: , and on outbound call i just make the transfer dialplan to the tenant i want calling to, do the same with the remote tenant for two-way call ( or one way only if...
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    Question about audio seemed to be paused during calls

    Hi everyone, I recently did not recognize that most of calls A leg B via my FS is often having a pause about 2-3 seconds then resume the audio, especially when doing the conference call with 3-4 parties via conf bridge, or add call to conf, sometime the pause can be vary.and up to 5 seconds...
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    Question about av.config.xml

    Normally with freeswitch install from master branch without fusion GUI, we have the av.conf.xml in conf folder. Now in FusionPBX 4.4 all xml files in the conf folder move to autoload_configs, but i don't see the av.config.xml anywhere BUT in etc folder If i copy the av.conf.xml...
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    first attempt incoming call failed, but second is through

    i just modified a bit the regex of incoming DID matching the pattern as follow then i do not see the 1st failed attempt. all is good now the regex pattern: <extension name="842877766698" continue="false" uuid="0e953987-01a0-4f0d-ab33-dc82d9292080"> <condition field="destination_number"...
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    first attempt incoming call failed, but second is through

    @DigitalDaz : i'm sending the 1st INVITE from sngrep that failed and 2nd INVITE that success by just redialing the number thank you.
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    How to change the bitrate for video call in freeswitch

    long ago as i remember, i changed the default bitrate for video call in freeswitch from 1Mb/s to new value for HD video call. it was freeswitch 1.6 installation without fusion GUI, the reason i changed is because with video call within LAN between 2 bria mobile softphones is a bit lag and mot...
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    first attempt incoming call failed, but second is through

    add my destination config
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    first attempt incoming call failed, but second is through

    @DigitalDaz : I did, but if i don't define the destination with DID in full form of country code + area code + number then the call will never hit the inbound route call, sngrep show the INVITE from trunk provider is 842877766698 not just 02877766698 i just wonder why the second time just the...
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    first attempt incoming call failed, but second is through

    Hi All I hope somebody here can help to point out where i'm get wrong with the ACL or anything related that i don't know I have a PSTN trunk from my SIP provider, i have configure the gateway to the provider without register as it does not required, all seems to be OK with outbound call from...
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    I'm new and very excited to start evolve into this fusionpbx and freeswitch world. I hope i can get helps from everyone here Thank you
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    Inter Tenant Dialing

    Hi Can you please pate the outbound dialplan you make to inter tenants please? I don't know reason why i can not see the picture attach related to this topic When you dial, did you need to dial full externsion + domain, something like ? Thank you