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    Spoof Caller ID dialplan

    On inbound call, how can I give a disa with option to set callerID
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    Consolidate Outbound Routes Dialplans

    Unless you edit the dialplan and set the destination variable based off a regex and then bridge that variable name. Dialplan tags have a "regex" option but I am not sure how it works. see attached
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    Consolidate Outbound Routes Dialplans

    How can I put outbound dialplan for 7 digit local where it prefixes the area code along with regular North America 11 digit into same outbound dialplan ? Can someone advise the regex to use. Thx
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    Email to fax format

    Is there a way? Yes. Has someone posted it? No. Is it complicated? Not at all for someone who knows php it needs some editing in the email_fax file
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    set up a Cross-domain dial plan

    Look into is local dialplan. Although at some point it stopped working. Not sure on latest update?
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    Waiting for socket

    Is this on an active/busy server?
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    Can't get voicemail to email working

    Check you php version. Some have a bug with mail function
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    Play ringtone before IVR prompt

    correct, I did that and when I add voicemail as the next step (higher order number in IVR) it skips the ringing part and goes straight to VM. CLI doesn't show error. I tried with and without inline
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    Play ringtone before IVR prompt

    I have customer with similar requirement. Wants caller to reach a voicemail but only after ringing few times as to make it look that they did ring an actual phone before hitting voicemail. I ended creating dialplan playback" data="tone_stream://L=2;${us-ring}". issue is that if I direct call to...
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    SOLVED Remove the + sign on inbound calls

    Master? Try prefix under destinations. Are you refering to display caller id or destination inbound. Number translation will di the trick for both
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    SOLVED Remove the + sign on inbound calls

    Which versions are u running? Latest should take care if it or atleast you can add it to prefix
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    Prompt Confirm in Ring Group not working properly

    Did you get this resolved ? indeed seems bug in /usr/share/freeswitch/scripts/confirm.lua
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    SOLVED Obihai Obi110 as a FXO device

    HAve you tried this behind NAT? I successfully registered OBI110 FXO behind NAT and set it up as a gateway but cant place or receive calls.
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    SOLVED Aastra programmable keys

    Did you disable http auth? Or where did you enter usr/pw for provisioning?
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    Working SMS Integration

    Thank you. I don't see anything logged in error.log or in FS logs. I only see 2 lines in nginx access.log - - [26/Nov/2019:20:45:01 -0500] "POST / HTTP/1.1" 301 184 "http://********.com" "thinq-sms" - - [26/Nov/2019:20:45:02 -0500] "POST / HTTP/1.1" 200 4175...